Our Story

As the founder and CEO of Empire Marketing & Design, which launched in 2006, I decided to create the Empire Collection in 2015.  I have freelanced and created designs for t-shirts and headgear for over 10 years throughout the state of Florida where my company is based.  Currently we are a local business with aspirations of reaching the global market.

What We Do

My passion for design helps me create pieces that represent your love and devotion for your own unique individuality.  With the Empire Collection, I aim to create pieces that are original, affordable, and comfortable.  With my direct, professional guidance and supervision, we will create fashionable clothing that you will love and admire forever.  Created from hand-selected materials all apparel and headgear maximize wear ability and comfort.  We aim to please the customer with visually strong, creative, innovative, and stylish designs.

What Makes Us Different?

We work directly with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  We listen to the feedback provided by our clients to continue to improve and develop quality products for our clients.  We understand the unique needs of the individuals to express themselves and employ strategies to achieve their desired look.  What sets us apart is our selfless-service to our clients and the time we invest in our designs from the hand drawn concept to the digital image on a screen.


Black Crown

A Crown is the traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by kings, queens, or emperors.  It is a representation of power, legitimacy, honor, integrity, and prestige as well as immortality.  The Empire Collection lives by these values and believe that our collection will last a lifetime.  The placement of our Crown on our apparel and headgear will indicate that you are setting yourself apart and becoming the ruler of your own fashion statement.  The Crown consecrates our role in the fashion industry.

Join our team




We are planning to one-day open up a retail store where we can sell our apparel.  The next couple of collections for our snap-back headgear will be to support charitable organizations through the creation of our Awareness Collection.  Furthermore, as a Veteran Owned Business, we will have our Military Collection to support and recognize the heroes of our great nation.  Our marketing strategy will always be to create eye-catching advertising materials with a family concept.  A tactic we will be using for marketing will be to give away some free apparel with the purchase of some of our snap-backs.  The unique combination of having support from a charitable organization, veterans, and the local community, our expertise, and innovative styles will ensure that we will be a major company in the future.